I always loved music ever since I was a kid. Music was something like a friend to me. I didn't have a whole lot of friends so music was like my comfort food. Feel free to check out my music as well as my videos and become fans. Peace. My music has been played on internet radio in the past such as Blackman's Underground, Jango, Museboat Radio. My music is currently playing on internet radio stations such as Radio Basile,  Flobcast  Lonely Oak Radio and KB Radio

I have been releasing music on my own without a record label since 2009. "Balance," "Music To My Ears," "The Eclectic Music Man," "Musical Visions, Vol. 1," "Musical Visions, Vol. 2," "An Ode To Grandma," "Robert Watson" and "Future Of The World."

I have been so blessed to be doing music. Music is the way I communicate with the world. Stay positive, always. Don't dwell on the negative things because they are not good for our minds, our bodies, our hearts, our spirits, and our souls. Keep your head up. Peace, love and happiness.